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My pet turkey
Day 17 – 31 Days of Social Media {Truth}

My pet turkey

Turkey head Today ends Youth Turkey Hunting weekend. A weekend where the kiddos can go out and try to wrestle up some turkey meat before all the big kids go out and scare them all away. 😉

With a house to myself it got me thinking {yes, that means I don’t get to do much thinking otherwise}. I started thinking about the pet turkey I had when I was 17 and living in India. His name was Bro. I didn’t name him. My dad bought him down on the plains and they chatted for 10 hours all the way back up the ghat. Dad said it un-nerved him having this bird in a sack, so he uncovered his head and Bro would sit there and look up at him while Dad talked with him. They formed a bit of a bromance..if you will. {Sorry, Dad…stop gagging…I had to go there.}

The purpose of Bro was to fatten him up in time for Thanksgiving, which was a rarity then. I immediately fell in love with Bro. He was the sweetest thing! The monkey’s were a bit curious, but after awhile left him alone. Bro tried to impress our chickens, but our rooster didn’t care for that too much. Bro would huff and puff up and down the chicken coop which would enrage our stupid rooster. Truth be told, I was kind of rooting for Bro.

Bro and I hit it off immediately. I was always in the back tinkering with my mo-ped or laying in the sun. Bro would come out and sit next to me and we would chatter with each other. It didn’t take long to realize that when I laughed out loud he thought I was calling to him and he would gobble loudly right back! A few times I would be inside the house laughing at something or someone and here comes Bro around to the front of the house, up on the porch and trying to look in the house. I would laugh and he would respond!

One thing I’ve bragged about for years is how Bro had hugged me a few times. That was what got me thinking this weekend. Whenever I would sit on the ground, Bro would come up behind me, wrap his wings around my arms and lay his head on my shoulder. Sweet, huh?

Let’s think about this a second.

A hugging bird from behind…who loved me….hmmmmmm.

Yeah…I’m thinking, ewwwwwww.


It’s taken me 24 years, but I think he was doing more than hugging me!!!!!

This realization hit me this weekend and I was mortified! I said something to J about it today and he laughed hysterically! Of course he knew what was going on when I would re-tell that story, but HE NEVER SAID A WORD!!!

I’m wondering how many other people I’ve told that to, who walked away thinking, “Poor special girl….”!!

Bro ended up pining for a mate and declined quickly…just in time for Thanksgiving.

We ate him.

I always felt bad about that. Until this weekend.

Stupid bird…!

Day 17 – 31 Days of Social Media {Truth}

Girl Looking In A Mirror
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If your virtual self met your IRL self, would they know each other?

Personally? I hate that question. I tend to show a much prettier picture online than in real life (avatar and mood!). I’m not a fan of gripers so I tend to turn the other way. IRL, I’m held accountable for who I really am and what I look like.

Years ago, a friend of mine was doing the online dating thing and had an unfortunate experience with a guy who misrepresented himself. She said, “He actually seemed like a pretty nice guy but because he showed a picture 10 years old and presented himself online as someone he wasn’t,  I didn’t trust him or his motives.”

I’ve seen people take “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” to a whole new meaning. We’re human…we make mistakes…we fly off the handle…we deal with sadness…we even get nasty sometimes. Obviously it’s not healthy to stay in any of those pockets for too long, and spouting off behind the safety of our monitor is never a wise choice, but real is – is real does.

I’d like to share my challenge with you. This week, try being as truthful online as you are IRL. Doing it consistently can be difficult especially if that habit has already been etched into place, but I still want to encourage you. Maybe you can find someone to partner up with and hold each other accountable for this new online persona.  What a great direction to start heading!

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. – Martin Luther King Jr.


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