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My pet turkey
Day 17 — 31 Days of Social Media {Truth}

My pet turkey

Turkey head Today ends Youth Turkey Hunt­ing week­end. A week­end where the kid­dos can go out and try to wres­tle up some turkey meat before all the big kids go out and scare them all away. 😉

With a house to myself it got me think­ing {yes, that means I don’t get to do much think­ing oth­er­wise}. I started think­ing about the pet turkey I had when I was 17 and liv­ing in India. His name was Bro. I didn’t name him. My dad bought him down on the plains and they chat­ted for 10 hours all the way back up the ghat. Dad said it un-nerved him hav­ing this bird in a sack, so he uncov­ered his head and Bro would sit there and look up at him while Dad talked with him. They formed a bit of a bromance..if you will. {Sorry, Dad…stop gagging…I had to go there.}

The pur­pose of Bro was to fat­ten him up in time for Thanks­giv­ing, which was a rar­ity then. I imme­di­ately fell in love with Bro. He was the sweet­est thing! The monkey’s were a bit curi­ous, but after awhile left him alone. Bro tried to impress our chick­ens, but our rooster didn’t care for that too much. Bro would huff and puff up and down the chicken coop which would enrage our stu­pid rooster. Truth be told, I was kind of root­ing for Bro.

Bro and I hit it off imme­di­ately. I was always in the back tin­ker­ing with my mo-ped or lay­ing in the sun. Bro would come out and sit next to me and we would chat­ter with each other. It didn’t take long to real­ize that when I laughed out loud he thought I was call­ing to him and he would gob­ble loudly right back! A few times I would be inside the house laugh­ing at some­thing or some­one and here comes Bro around to the front of the house, up on the porch and try­ing to look in the house. I would laugh and he would respond!

One thing I’ve bragged about for years is how Bro had hugged me a few times. That was what got me think­ing this week­end. When­ever I would sit on the ground, Bro would come up behind me, wrap his wings around my arms and lay his head on my shoul­der. Sweet, huh?

Let’s think about this a second.

A hug­ging bird from behind…who loved me.…hmmmmmm.

Yeah…I’m think­ing, ewwwwwww.


It’s taken me 24 years, but I think he was doing more than hug­ging me!!!!!

This real­iza­tion hit me this week­end and I was mor­ti­fied! I said some­thing to J about it today and he laughed hys­ter­i­cally! Of course he knew what was going on when I would re-tell that story, but HE NEVER SAIDWORD!!!

I’m won­der­ing how many other peo­ple I’ve told that to, who walked away think­ing, “Poor spe­cial girl.…”!!

Bro ended up pin­ing for a mate and declined quickly…just in time for Thanksgiving.

We ate him.

I always felt bad about that. Until this weekend.

Stu­pid bird…!

Day 17 — 31 Days of Social Media {Truth}

Girl Looking In A Mirror
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If your vir­tual self met your IRL self, would they know each other?

Per­son­ally? I hate that ques­tion. I tend to show a much pret­tier pic­ture online than in real life (avatar and mood!). I’m not a fan of gripers so I tend to turn the other way. IRL, I’m held account­able for who I really am and what I look like.

Years ago, a friend of mine was doing the online dat­ing thing and had an unfor­tu­nate expe­ri­ence with a guy who mis­rep­re­sented him­self. She said, “He actu­ally seemed like a pretty nice guy but because he showed a pic­ture 10 years old and pre­sented him­self online as some­one he wasn’t,  I didn’t trust him or his motives.”

I’ve seen peo­ple take “if you don’t have any­thing nice to say, don’t say any­thing at all” to a whole new mean­ing. We’re human…we make mistakes…we fly off the handle…we deal with sadness…we even get nasty some­times. Obvi­ously it’s not healthy to stay in any of those pock­ets for too long, and spout­ing off behind the safety of our mon­i­tor is never a wise choice, but real is — is real does.

I’d like to share my chal­lenge with you. This week, try being as truth­ful online as you are IRL. Doing it con­sis­tently can be dif­fi­cult espe­cially if that habit has already been etched into place, but I still want to encour­age you. Maybe you can find some­one to part­ner up with and hold each other account­able for this new online per­sona.  What a great direc­tion to start heading!

I believe that unarmed truth and uncon­di­tional love will have the final word in real­ity. — Mar­tin Luther King Jr.


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