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Memories of Grandma

Memories of Grandma

Grandma in the kitchenIn 3 days, it would’ve been my Grandmother’s birthday. We celebrated it last year, but then she died a couple of weeks later. My heart immediately aches for my Grandpa. They were able to celebrate 70 years of marriage before she passed away and I wonder how heavy his heart was this past month as year 71 passed without her. He’s a strong, strong man – physically and emotionally but I don’t care how tough you are…loosing the love of your life is a soul cruncher.

Junia was a beautiful, elegant lady who could sing the socks off the moon. I can’t hear a 1940s song without hearing the swoon of her alto voice. She loved to collect recipes. She could sure cook, but she always collected more recipes “to try” than she could ever do in a lifetime. She was a lover of Jesus with a soul that was completely His.

I’m so very thankful for the character and lessons she engraved into my life before leaving. I giggle at some and tear up at others. I’m a so much more a better person because of being a part of her life.

If my posts reach Heaven…I love you, Grandma…and miss you….

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