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Today — January 5

Today — January 5



1. LISTENING: To my boys defeat zom­bies on Roblox, Boomer chas­ing rab­bits in her dreams, Norah Jonas crooning.

2. EATING: The hottest South Indian soup known to mankind (burns out the aller­gies) and Wheat Thins.

3. DRINKING: Watered down Diet Coke from Braum’s…from lunch. (The ice tea isn’t done yet.)

4. WEARING: Long-sleeve gray t-shirt, jeans…and new con­tacts (Thank­ful for the lit­tle things!)

5. FEELING: Con­tent, accomplished…ready to take on my last semes­ter of classes!

6. WEATHER: It was beau­ti­ful today! It’s stinkin’ Jan­u­ary 5th and Old­man was wear­ing shorts!

7. WANTING: A per­sonal assis­tant for work!

8. NEEDING: Clothes…but not until I lose another size. *seri­ous eyes*

9. THINKING: It feels good to blog again…I’ve missed this…

10. ENJOYING: Home­school­ing Old­man. It was hard today, but I know it would be so much worse if I wasn’t teach­ing him.

I love doing this so I can look back and remem­ber these days.

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