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World’s Toughest Job
Welcome 2014 U.B.P. Hoppers
Raising Gentlemen – Part 2

World’s Toughest Job

There is a video going around about a company that created a false job opening that is outrageous. The reactions from the applicants is very entertaining.

About half way through it I caught on to what was going on. I smiled, thought how sweet, but then noticed a tugging in my gut. I pay very close attention to those tuggings. After some thought, I realized it was once again a message that being a parent = mom. Yes, it’s for Mother’s Day. I get that. But would that company have done the same thing for Father’s Day?

I think not.

I cannot imagine raising my boys without their father…whether we were divorced or not. I know many father’s that work so very hard to connect and be part of their children’s lives. They’re proud of their kids and a lot of times don’t get the partnership accolades of being the other parent. I understand I am going against the flow of a typical American culture.

It breaks my heart that there are fathers (and mothers) that don’t want their children. I’m astonished that there are fathers that think it’s all on the mother’s shoulders for parenting the children.

I just think that maybe some of these neglectful (selfish) father’s would rethink things if our culture highlighted the importance of their roll in their family.

Thinking aloud…

The Importance of a Dad




Welcome 2014 U.B.P. Hoppers

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

I’m so excited to get to participate in UBP this year! I’ve been off the grid for awhile, paying more attention to my official day job. That hat was getting a bit heavy so I dusted off my Jen-hat and feel so much prettier!

By day, I’m a Digital Marketing Leader. By ALL day, I’m a wife to J, mom to sons Oldman (14) and Gremlin (11). My only estrogen helpers are my dogs Boomer (Border Collie – English Setter mix) and GiGi (Shi-tzu).

You can read more about me in my Meet Jen page, but really the bottom-line of my site is a place for me to chat about my family, teen struggles/joys, parenting, bonding with my brother who has Down Syndrome, and crazy-every-day-weird things with my friends. I hope you’ll bookmark my site and visit me again. I’d love to connect to like-minded bloggers!

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Raising Gentlemen – Part 2

Raising Gentlemen - Part II

Since writing Raising Gentlemen – Part I, I’ve had some interesting conversations with friends. It seems moms and teachers are strong advocators of “Gentlemen.” Men tend to lean more towards, “Men.” A very wise male friend mentioned that being a man should encompass the meaning of gentlemen. I agree…however, in this culture, that our boys are in, has a different point of view on that.

I asked a few local male teens what they immediately think of when they hear the word, “gentleman.” They started snickering and said, “It’s the opposite of a manly-man.”


One boy thew out the description, “momma’s boy.”

These are the typical, mid-west thoughts of our kids’ generation. How can we impress upon kids that being polite, helpful, and concerned citizen’s are great attributes when their peers tell them they’re pansies?

I think it’s too easy to sit back in our adult recliners and tell our kids that doing what we say will help them in the long run and to ignore the voices they have to hear for 8-10 hours every day.

We have to make a bigger impression. We have to help them be that voice of reason when it comes to making the best decisions. We have to be influencers in their lives.

Men/Dad’s: you are showing your guys how to treat women by how you interact with your wife. Are you respectful? Do you laugh often with her? Do you show her affection in front of the guys? (Grossing them out is just an added bonus!)

Women/Moms: you are also showing your kids (and their friends!) how to treat others by how you interact with their dad and them. Be sincere with your praise. Use manners with them and above all else, teach them the magic of laughter.

Raising teens is just as hard as being a teen. Let’s help each other out and pray for guidance. Creating boundaries won’t be as death-defying if we have a foundation to build on.

Game on, friends…

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