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JennyFor a good time, call read…

867-5309 is not my phone number.  If you were born in the 80’s or later, here is where you can find out why I’m Jenny 867-5309. I grew up in Oklahoma and spent many great years in India.  I love all things web-based and have been dabbling in social media since Netscape. When your family lives all over the world you tend to get creative on ways to keep in touch. I adore writing…it’s a soul releaser.

I am entertained daily by a hilarious man that somehow hornswoggled me into marrying him before I knew what was going on. But I’ve stayed with him for 16 years because he always keeps me laughing (and guessing). Due to the mixing of antibiotics and birth control pills, I was pregnant by our 1st anniversary.  What a shocker for the woman who didn’t want children! However, my first born was the perfect antidote. I don’t use my children’s real names on this blog so I call them by the name that makes me think of them fondly. Oldman (he’s quite mature for his age) is now 14 and is a joy to talk with.  I enjoyed Oldman so much that I worked very hard to have another child. God so mercifully gave us another son, Gremlin (he’s an ornery cuss). He’s 11 years old and his heart is as tender as his smile is mischievous.

‘For a Good Time…’ is how I want to live through this blog. What I consider a good time has changed over the years. Now days, if I’m up late at night it’s because I’m taking care of a sick kid or worrying over my parenting skills. My crazy, fast-paced days are because I’m juggling kids, pets, a husband and a career. I wouldn’t change my good life for any other offered. I’m having a great time!


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