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MidLife Creation
World’s Toughest Job
Welcome 2014 U.B.P. Hoppers

MidLife Creation

Mid Life Crisis


I have come to the real­iza­tion that I’m offi­cially *there* and I’m not sure when I crossed that thresh­old. One minute I was doing my thing: spouse-ing with my hus­band, rais­ing boys, run­ning a busi­ness, enjoy­ing family…you know — the usual. Then I stopped mov­ing for one week­end and real­ity touched me like a bad Benny Hinn service.

J and I went to this year’s World Dom­i­na­tion Sum­mit in Port­land. It was an Anniversary/Business trip. There were 3,000 peo­ple that gen­er­ated enough cre­ativ­ity to make my head spin. J was in his ele­ment. I, how­ever, was feel­ing lost.

Part of this is because I have done a HORRIBLE job at bound­aries lately. I was feel­ing used by every­one. When you feel like peo­ple are tak­ing from you vs. you giv­ing of your­self, there is a bound­ary issue. There is also a heart prob­lem. I was feel­ing depleted and ready for “my” moment. The “what-about-me” syn­drome. “When’s my time to shine?” “What hap­pened to my youth­ful out­look on life?” “When am I going to see the fruits of my labour?”

So, not feel­ing like myself, I came home real­iz­ing that:

  • No amount of age-erasing beauty prod­ucts was going to stop my skin from los­ing it’s elasticity.
  • My metab­o­lism is no longer what it was in my 20s and 30s.
  • Good genes can only get you so far, then age takes over.
  • I’m no longer the ever effi­cient, multi-tasking fool I once was.

…and I cried for my youth like a bloom­ing idiot. Me! The 20 and 30-year-old in me was com­pletely embar­rassed. I used to make fun of peo­ple who were like this.

It was jar­ring and a wake up call.

I’m not sure I’m to the point of an actual cri­sis. I think that comes from con­tin­ued denial of the state you’re in. Although a nice lit­tle hot rod would be ok with me!

So what does this mean for me now? Not sure really. Time to make some changes in regards to bound­aries. The boys are already feel­ing that. (MWHAHAHAHAHA!) But I also need to make some bound­aries for myself.

I’m find­ing that a wake-up call is good for the soul. It reminds me that I’m very much alive and have a lot to offer. I’m good at things that might not come nat­u­rally for oth­ers. I love shar­ing my gift of laugh­ter and have found I do have a lit­tle bit of crafti­ness in me after all. That was a surprise.

I’m start­ing to get excited about who this new Jen is and who she is blos­som­ing into. What has started as a MidLife Cri­sis has become a MidLife Creation.

World’s Toughest Job

There is a video going around about a com­pany that cre­ated a false job open­ing that is out­ra­geous. The reac­tions from the appli­cants is very entertaining.

About half way through it I caught on to what was going on. I smiled, thought how sweet, but then noticed a tug­ging in my gut. I pay very close atten­tion to those tug­gings. After some thought, I real­ized it was once again a mes­sage that being a par­ent = mom. Yes, it’s for Mother’s Day. I get that. But would that com­pany have done the same thing for Father’s Day?

I think not.

I can­not imag­ine rais­ing my boys with­out their father…whether we were divorced or not. I know many father’s that work so very hard to con­nect and be part of their children’s lives. They’re proud of their kids and a lot of times don’t get the part­ner­ship acco­lades of being the other par­ent. I under­stand I am going against the flow of a typ­i­cal Amer­i­can culture.

It breaks my heart that there are fathers (and moth­ers) that don’t want their chil­dren. I’m aston­ished that there are fathers that think it’s all on the mother’s shoul­ders for par­ent­ing the children.

I just think that maybe some of these neglect­ful (self­ish) father’s would rethink things if our cul­ture high­lighted the impor­tance of their roll in their family.

Think­ing aloud…

The Importance of a Dad




Welcome 2014 U.B.P. Hoppers

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

I’m so excited to get to par­tic­i­pate in UBP this year! I’ve been off the grid for awhile, pay­ing more atten­tion to my offi­cial day job. That hat was get­ting a bit heavy so I dusted off my Jen-hat and feel so much prettier!

By day, I’m a Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Leader. By ALL day, I’m a wife to J, mom to sons Old­man (14) and Grem­lin (11). My only estro­gen helpers are my dogs Boomer (Bor­der Col­lie — Eng­lish Set­ter mix) and GiGi (Shi-tzu).

You can read more about me in my Meet Jen page, but really the bottom-line of my site is a place for me to chat about my fam­ily, teen struggles/joys, par­ent­ing, bond­ing with my brother who has Down Syn­drome, and crazy-every-day-weird things with my friends. I hope you’ll book­mark my site and visit me again. I’d love to con­nect to like-minded bloggers!

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