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My One Word for 2015
Family Roots
Feeling Downs and Out

My One Word for 2015

Tenacity - One Word 2015

The first time I heard of this One Word trend, I actually blew it off. I mean, who in their right mind could ever pick just ONE word for an entire year?! Can’t be done!

Then another year went by and I read posts from friends all over the internet sharing their one word. Some seemed so deep and thoughtful. Others seemed like they were trying just a little too hard. Again, another year of looking (and judging) others.

Last year, I gave in and picked a word. I didn’t share it with a soul. I don’t do so well with accountability. It makes me rebellious. I knew I wouldn’t remember the stupid word anyway.

It was RENEW.

I only thought about it at the beginning of the year, my 3 week vacation this summer, and now.

Those were the times I needed to remember it. I needed a year of renewal. Being a wife, mother, business owner can be exhausting. Every one of us need renewal. However, I was feeling lost. I forgot who I was…what I wanted…what I loved. When you are the “coach” of a family that deals with odds and ends (ADD, Tourettes, OCD), you have to carefully guard your feelings and your heart.

Last year was a great year of renewal. I picked a good word. Now for my One Word for 2015.

TENACITY – the quality of holding fast; persistance

The boundaries have been grounded. Now I need to remind myself throughout the year to show tenacity through hardships and successes. I am a strong woman who has a lot to offer my community and family. I want to give more of myself and grow my heart so much more.

I hope you share what your One Word is, if you chose to participate this year. It’s amazing to reflect on your past and present…then dream and hope on your future.

Happy New Year!

Family Roots

Staying Grounded

Today marks an intriguing milestone in my life. I’ve lived 42 years and this is the longest I have ever lived in one place.

10 years.

Ten years ago, J and I were sweatin’ our booties off unloading a moving truck to a house I had just seen. We had to make this move pretty quick so he bought it without me being here. I trusted him. He did good.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would plant family roots in this town. Both of my kids have grown up in this school district. For a Third-Culture Kid, this is almost painful. I won’t lie, I’m in complete angst that both my boys have never stepped foot out of this country. It’s on my bucket list to fix…someday.

When we moved here, Oldman was 4 and super excited about starting Kindergarten. Now he’s in High School.

Gremlin was an 18-month crazy boy who wouldn’t stop peeling cardboard pieces off the moving boxes. He was still trying to master crawling off the couch without face-planting. Now he face-plants others on the Ju-Jitzu mat.

It hasn’t been a very secure 10 years…I’ve felt the need to “run away” time and time again. But I didn’t. I just changed the color of my hair! 😉

I’ve had a week to think through this and I’m coming to terms with it. The Ozarks is a great place to raise a family…but I don’t want to lose sight of the road headed out of town, over the horizon.

Feeling Downs and Out

I saw a post come through my Facebook feed that showed several friends of mine that “like” Sevenly. This company does an incredible job of helping organizations raise funds through clothes and print. In this particular ad, the awareness that Sevenly was highlighting was for people with Down Syndrome. For every purchased item, $7 was donated to LetterCase which would give an educational book to families who have recently found out their expected child has Down Syndrome.


I haven’t researched who came up with the design for the awareness, but I’m sure it was approved by someone who is in charge of something. As you can see, it’s a pretty cool shirt. But apparently, not cool enough. Not politically correct enough. So what I kept reading in the comments was basically, “I’m not buying one because of this”!

Do you see it?

“Love and Support for Children with Downs”

That was it.  “…with Downs”

Here’s my rant.  And it’s only a rant because I’m tired of people missing the forest because of the trees. It’s only a rant because I feel like I need to speak up for those with Downs. The one’s that don’t care about anything being politically correct. I also feel like I have the right to speak on their behave since I’m lived in their world my whole life.

I get the offensive reaction to the r-word. I understand people getting upset when others refer to their child as “being autistic” vs “having autism”. But getting all up in arms over the terminology  “…with Downs”? Don’t get it.

I have a problem with “Syndrome”…it sounds harsh. It sounds fatalistic. It feels hopeless. “Downs” is a name after the person who discovered this genetic disorder – John Down.

When Hulkman sees another person with Downs, he perks up and proudly says, “They’re like me!” He’s very proud to be in a club of individuals that look alike and a lot of times, act alike. He feels sorry that other’s don’t get to be in that club. Other than wishing he could get married and have children, he’s never expressed concern or anger over having Downs.

Years ago, during one of our conversations, he said, “I’m not retarded. Retarded people drool. I have Downs…me and my friends.” Way to make me feel left out, man! 😉

My anger is not towards how people prefer to use the lingo. It’s the fact that they didn’t donate to an incredible awareness for families who are going through anxiety and concern for their child’s future. They were more concerned about how it’s worded.  Instead they could have donated/bought a print and in turn donate that to a local Down Syndrome Group or give it to someone who has Downs. Bet they would wear a t-shirt with that design/text with pride!

I just wish intentions counted for something. Since when did we become so perfect?



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