Gremlin turns 10



You were due on July 4th, but decided to come 2 weeks early, by lit­er­ally crawl­ing your way out of my womb. It was a bad idea. It was cold and we weren’t really ready for you. So you screamed for hours. Your name means “long awaited son”, but with those lungs I decided I could wait just a lit­tle bit longer so off to the nurs­ery with you! ;)

What an entry. I shouldn’t have expected any­thing less from you, Gremlin.

Ten years later…

  • you’ve learned how to enter a room with­out so much drama.
  • you are learn­ing to be ok with hav­ing a ten­der heart.
  • you have such a strong love for ani­mals, but there’s a spe­cial place in your heart for birds.
  • you’ve learned the power of friend­ship and the heal­ing results of an encour­ag­ing word.

Happy Birth­day, my lit­tle man. Can’t wait to cel­e­brate many more with you.


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