Typical of October – December, my world (along with everyone else’s) went willy-nilly real fast. For me it involved unexpected surgeries, hurt, and love…all that required healing time. 😉  Life doesn’t flow without the good and bad…there is a season for all whether we are ready for them or not.

Christmas was extra special for me for no reason I can put my finger on, but I’m appreciating it all the same. I guess with being a missionary kid, I’m always a little extra excited for the holiday’s I get to spend with my family. I feel like I beat “big brother” and won the war. Silly, unless you’ve been there, I guess.

Hulkman was kind enough to share his duty as gift-passer-outer with Gremlin which was easier for all in the long run. Hulkman never seems to get the To and From right so it ends up being like musical presents every year.

It was also so very special to see Oldman waiting on his presents like a young man, instead of a hyper kiddo. He’s changing. I’m so very proud of him. It’s been a hard year for him and he’s come out a champion!

J and I have once again looked at ourselves and gagged. Sexy, eh? How have we gone from a 25-year-old hottie to a 40-year-old ol’ fart? Time to knock that crap off and get a grip! Already getting started on that which feels good (dang it)!

J’s trying to get me to come up with some Resolutions, but I’m just not that kind of person. He is. I have wishes and hopes…that’s as far as I can go on that front. 😉

It’s amazing how many of us brink on the dawn of a new year with such hope and desire, but then quickly wonder what happened. I don’t care if we start believing at the first of a year or in the middle…it takes more than hope, desire and belief to accomplish anything.

Remind me of that by January 15th, ok? 😉

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