Typ­i­cal of Octo­ber — Decem­ber, my world (along with every­one else’s) went willy-nilly real fast. For me it involved unex­pected surg­eries, hurt, and love…all that required heal­ing time. 😉  Life doesn’t flow with­out the good and bad…there is a sea­son for all whether we are ready for them or not.

Christ­mas was extra spe­cial for me for no rea­son I can put my fin­ger on, but I’m appre­ci­at­ing it all the same. I guess with being a mis­sion­ary kid, I’m always a lit­tle extra excited for the holiday’s I get to spend with my fam­ily. I feel like I beat “big brother” and won the war. Silly, unless you’ve been there, I guess.

Hulk­man was kind enough to share his duty as gift-passer-outer with Grem­lin which was eas­ier for all in the long run. Hulk­man never seems to get the To and From right so it ends up being like musi­cal presents every year.

It was also so very spe­cial to see Old­man wait­ing on his presents like a young man, instead of a hyper kiddo. He’s chang­ing. I’m so very proud of him. It’s been a hard year for him and he’s come out a champion!

J and I have once again looked at our­selves and gagged. Sexy, eh? How have we gone from a 25-year-old hot­tie to a 40-year-old ol’ fart? Time to knock that crap off and get a grip! Already get­ting started on that which feels good (dang it)!

J’s try­ing to get me to come up with some Res­o­lu­tions, but I’m just not that kind of per­son. He is. I have wishes and hopes…that’s as far as I can go on that front. 😉

It’s amaz­ing how many of us brink on the dawn of a new year with such hope and desire, but then quickly won­der what hap­pened. I don’t care if we start believ­ing at the first of a year or in the middle…it takes more than hope, desire and belief to accom­plish anything.

Remind me of that by Jan­u­ary 15th, ok? 😉

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