When is it enough?

Medicine Bottles

Gallbladder removed….check.
No more pain…CHECK!
Lifestyle and food changes…Yeppers….{sigh}

Despite my health sidetrack, it wasn’t my doctor visits that had my blood boiling. It was my son’s. I have heard grumblings for years about Doctors vs. Insurance companies. I didn’t fully understand it and since it didn’t involve my current situation, I didn’t care enough to find out what it was all about. I’m getting it now!

Now, here we are where a Dr prescribes my son 2 medicines and are VERY common and yet costs $900 a month (!) to fill. I about lost my uppers! When we tried to go through our insurance, they overruled the Dr, saying it wasn’t medically necessary for Oldman to have it. So now, the Dr is trying to get a different medicine approved.

What’s going through my head:

  1. Why are you wanting to medicate my son THEN test him for various things?
  2. Why would ANY medication cost that much…especially when it’s so common?!
  3. Since when does an insurance company have any right to tell a doctor what is medically necessary?

These are political thoughts running through my head. This is a mother who wants the best for her son and somehow got caught up in the typical American drama. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that I still have the right to protect my children and myself from medical warfare (sounds a little over the top, but that’s how it’s felt this week).

The upside of all this is a 3rd doctor who FINALLY understands our wishes and wants to honor them. Did you hear that? THIRD DOCTOR! The 1st Dr was a quack and the 2nd one argued with me, then agreed with me, then argued again and kept calling Oldman by a different name. I have learned that no one is going to care for my well being, as well as the well being on my children, better than me.

…and that is what I’m doing.

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