Teddy BearI always thought sleepwalkers were a bit of a farce. How can anyone in their right mind walk around and not know they’re doing it?!

Then I had children.

Oldman started sleepwalking around 8 or 9. He would climb down from the top bunk, walk out of his room to the kitchen, scrounge for food and take it to his bed to eat. I would weekly find wrappers under his pillow. I was so worried that he would choke but I could never catch him at it. He never came into my room so I would stake out the living room waiting for him to come so I could turn him right back around and send him to bed {…and save his life!}. He never came out on the nights I was on stakeout patrol. He didn’t sleepwalk for too long and eventually quit.

Ahhhh, peace of mind again.

Now my youngest has started doing it. Gremlin has no desire to raid the fridge (which is awesome considering he’s allergic to just about everything in there). However, he does feel the need to pace my bedroom floor talking to me about the drama’s of having to pee. ACK! Thankfully I haven’t had any carpet accidents, but we have had some amazing conversations. The kid will just stare at you and talk to you about anything you want! Geez, it’s creepy!

Last night, Oldman caught Gremlin on his way out the door with his stuffed Eeyore in hand. Apparently Eeyore was a bomb that need diffusing and only Mom can do it. (SUPER MOM!!) Afer a bit of arguing, Oldman convinced Gremlin to let him take care of it and everyone was saved. (SUPER SON!!)

Sleepwalking is the craziest thing! Education Mom is very intrigued at the psychological reasoning behind all this. Tired Mom wants it to freakin’ stop! I never try waking him up because I don’t want an accident, but I’m trying to wake up enough to record him so he can see it the next morning. Maybe that will help…?


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  • That can be a very scary thing! My daughter did it one time, and I think it was a fluke. When I told her about it, it freaked her out that she had done it! I pray that Gremlin stops, just like OldMan did. Less stress for you!!

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