Today – April 10

My World Today


1. LISTENING: To the sound of my mommy alarm telling me it’s time to get started on dinner. (Stupid frozen chicken…THAW!)

2. EATING: Nothing…but I swear I hear that bag of Easter Peanut M&M’s peeping at me.

3. DRINKING: 5 hour old ice tea. Blech!

4. WEARING: Jeans, Silver Dollar City t-shirt and flip-flops. At least it’s not pajamas! 😉

5. FEELING: Great…still enjoying the happy hang-over from a long Easter weekend.

6. WEATHER: Perfect 72 degree weather. Although I’m the worst mother ever for not letting Oldman play in the pond. *eye roll*

7. WANTING: My last class to be done. #Senioritis!

8. NEEDING: A personal chef. I love to cook, when I don’t have 50 other things on my plate.

9. THINKING: About the SEO conference I’ll be speaking at next month.

10. ENJOYING: A moment of peace before the dinner “crowd” takes over my kitchen.

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  • Phil you’re right about the open days. Though I’ve found the I don’t come in on Xdays avoidance satrtegy to be even more frustrating .Tseen I wonder if the combination of summer and Xmas means the problem is less bad in Australasia? I feel your pain about deadlines the ERSC have moved a bunch to September after I’d made my holiday plans.Andrew I haven’t come across Cornford before . I’ve had a quick glance, and it looks wonderful (controlling for sexist attitudes of the time etc). Thanks for the recommendation. Another argument is that the Time is not Ripe’. The Principle of Unripe Time is that people should not do at the present moment what they think right at that moment, because the moment at which they think it right has not yet arrived . [Time] has a trick of going rotten before it is ripe.

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