She’s alive!

Shining heartI don’t even want to look at see how long it’s been since I last posted. Somewhere along the line of 2012, I turned 40 and then I’ve been sick almost ever since! I don’t even remember February! I’m so over this…

My last illness had to do with an ear infection that went wrong and I still can’t hear well out of my left ear (which the boys and J are having fun with to ad naseum). So I turned older and became deaf! All I need is to change into my moo-moo every night and I’ll be set!

We had no winter whatsoever in the Ozarks so here it is mid-March and my garden is planted and ready to go. Of course it helps that it’s a raised bed, otherwise, I’d wait for some of the Spring floods to die off.

The boys have spent their Spring Break, last week at the pond fishing for things (fish, turtles, frogs, etc) catching snakes, having earthworm fights and just about anything else disgusting boys do. (They had a lot of fun and it was a blast watching them!)

The only thing I have been able to keep up on is work and it’s been great! So happy with my clients and those I get to work with every day.  I’m truly blessed in that area!

Oldman is hitting that growth thing a bit early. It went from 4’8″ to 5’2″ in like a few months. He’s wearing shoes bigger than his dad(!). And he won’t stop eating! His day consists of 4 eggs for breakfast, a foot long sub for lunch, and 3-4 pieces of meat with tons of veggies. Of course that doesn’t count on what he eats in between!

Gremlin has finally started gaining weight. We are so excited for him! His gluten-free, sugar-free, anything fatting-free diet doesn’t help him in the growing area. But with some Boost and other vitamin changes, we’re finally started to see some results…woo-hoo!!

We’ve been dealing with a few things as a family that I don’t quite feel comfortable to air to the world just yet. Once everyone in the family comfortable, then I’m anxious to share it on here. I really want to document it here so I can remember the changes.

There….now I feel like I’m caught up enough to ease back into my posts. I’ve missed it! I’m so much more creative when I can get my thoughts together here and decompress my mental drive. 😉

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