Gluten-free kid update

I am the Valentine you are looking for!I haven’t written about Gremlin and his food allergies in awhile because it’s become just a part of life. He knows what he can or cannot have and we eat around that. The only hiccups that come are eating at someone else’s house. I think we’ve finally worked out any school issues:


1. He takes a month’s worth of “brain food” for afternoon snack
2. He takes his lunch to school every day (the kids are always intrigued what he brings!)
3. For the birthdays of a classmate, the teacher lets him get into his “brain food”
4.  On party days, (Christmas, Thanksgiving) I get a notice of what food will be given and I send Gremlin to school with the same food; just “his kind”.

Gremlin told me a “secret” last year that Valentines and Halloween are his hardest holidays. He loves trick or treating and he’s always handed his candy bag over to his older brother without even a whimper. It breaks my heart as a mother and yet I’m so proud of him!

I recently found out just how serious his classmates take his allergies. Gremlin doesn’t know it but the Homeroom Mom is planning on getting Gremlin his own party bag with his kind of candy in it (which he’s never had) and then this morning I received a message from one of his classmate’s mom. His classmate wanted to know what Gremlin could eat so she could give him a Valentine just for him.

This brings a lot of tears to my eyes and mush in my heart. I’m thrilled that we live in a community that takes care of their neighbors. It means the world to me!

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