Diets are Culturally Deprived

Chips and SalsaI’ve been on diets before. Or rather I’ve cheated on diets before. 😉

A few weeks ago I stood on the scale and about lost my uppers. I had never been that heavy in my life. However, I have had a pretty stressful year and  I had just turned 40. Bye, bye metabolism! It was time to get serious…

I threw out anything that had sugar or carbs. J and I sat down and planned out meals that involved perfectly weighed out meat. Veggies that could be prepared without oil. And nothing but water, tea and coffee (I can’t take out coffee…don’t make me!).

Day 1 was awesome! Day 2 was becoming a challenge. Day 3 I had an all out panic attack looking for something to eat.

It’s been 10 days and I’ve lost only 5 lbs, but what’s awesome is I’ve lost 3 inches in my waist alone! I’m forcing my mind and stomach to remember who is boss. Talk about a conflict of interest!

Now that the panicky Jen has subsided, I can objectively look at what is the hardest on me:

1. I’m German. German’s can’t survive without potatoes. You try to tell a German to take away potatoes from his diet and he’ll punch you.

2. I’m practically East Indian. Indians can’t survive without rice. You try to tell an Indian to remove rice from his plate and he’ll stab you in the eyeball.

3. I’m a Southern Girl at heart. We can’t survive without sweet ice tea. You try to tell me to replace my sweet tea with water, I’ll break your knee caps.

{…I’m really not that violent…}

That all being said, I’m being a good, compliant girl and doing what needs to be done because I am seeing results.

But if I have to turn away chips and salsa one more time….!!!

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  • Only 5 lbs???? In just 10 days. That’s too fast to last or not be mostly water.
    Day 3 was a challenge because you can’t do a 180 in eating habits over night. It won’t last. You’ve got the right idea-reduce sugars and white carbs. But you need some fruits, veggies and sprinkling of whole grains. Just keep making better choices and you’ll get there, slowly but surely.

    • I always lose that fast in the beginning – water weight. I’ve added lots of veggies and some fruit as well. In all reality my biggest challenge is portion control. This girl can down the food! Thanks for the thoughts and encouragement, Pam!

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