Turning 40

I sit here thinking I should be doing something about this 40 thing. Like maybe letting “him” know I’m here. *eye roll*

Hurry up and wait.

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel at 40, but I don’t feel any different than yesterday when I was 39.

It was so much cooler turning 10…double digits!!

Then 20 felt a little old – all these people expected so much from me…all these old geezers…they were probably 32.

Turning 30 meant I had to have my act together…I didn’t.

Now I’m 40…I kinda have my act together…at least I tell my children that. No need worrying them. 😉

So, Mr. Forty (I don’t know why he’s a Mr, but he just is!),

I’m going to stand on top of that tall looming mountain you’ve created, called “Over the Hill”, and face the other side with a brazen look on my face and true to my namesake, I will laugh wild and loud!

{…so there…}

Laughing Donkey


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