Boundaries not Resolutions

PathwayAnyone with a child knows that boundaries can be hard to maintain, but they make life so much simpler in the long run.

I gave up New Year Resolutions years ago. It was just another disappointment that I had to overcome.  I thought doing away with resolutions made me a super cool rebellious chick. Lame, I know. #shaddup  It occurred to me this past year, that having no set resolutions isn’t rebellious, but actually quite smart. It was just missing one key item…boundaries. Boundaries keep you in check with motives, goals and dreams. There’s nothing wrong with not setting specific goals, but you better have boundaries in place so you are at least moving forward towards something.

The right wall along my path stops me from wandering into the Field of Unhealthy Lifestyle. The left wall keeps me out of the Pit of Too Many Yes’s.  Along the way there are stop signs which remind me to pause and reflect on my path and recent decisions. There are also yield signs that allow people and ideas to join me on my path. If those things become something that does not belong on my path, I send them on a new path at the next stop sign.

These boundaries help me feel so much more confortable with decisions. I don’t get nearly as distracted and frustrated. Obviously this is my motivation path. My personal path looks a bit different. I have a lot more yields…it allows me to open myself up to others that sharpens my spirit.

I hope the path to your goals find you with many flexible decisions and wonderful surprises along the way…

Happy 2012!

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