Random thoughts during Thanksgiving

  • Growing up, I loved Lucy but as an adult I want to bean her in the head. Then adopt Pig Pen and Linus.
  • Flour is like sand. It gets everywhere and no amount of vacuuming will clean it all up.
  • If you get caught up in dancing to Feliz Navidad and put the crumble on your apple crisp before the apple filling…it still turns out ok. But next year, I need to stay focused.
  • A Thanksgiving without sweet potato pie is no Thanksgiving at all. {dang it!}
  • Lip-synching artists on the Macy Parade floats are lame. I want to hear the real deal!
  • It may be a holiday, but streptococcal pharyngitis could care less.
  • Skipping Black Friday after years of getting up at midnight felt like playing hooky and I’m better for it!
  • I’m feeling crafty and homemade-y…save me.
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  • I always wondered which is better, sweet potato pie or pumpkin pie? They both have a similar texture and taste (not entirely the same, lest you think I’ve blasphemed). But you rarely see both on the same table at Thanksgiving. You might conduct a poll about it next Thanksgiving. :)

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