Save yo drama from yo mama

Drama at it's bestI don’t know who said that, but speaking for almost all mama’s out there? Stop it. We don’t want to hear it any more than the next person.

I remember thinking at some point in time, “Thank you Jesus for not giving me girls…I can’t take that kind of drama!” Naive….so, so naive.

I love those stinky, crazy boys of mine, but MAN…they can bring the drama! This morning, Gremlin decided to push the “obeying” boundary. He lost – and really I did too. We’re both so dang stubborn.

Oldman, on the other hand, is in the local high school Christmas musical (The Christmas Carol) and I’m trying to teach him to act a bit more. He knows what line and movement is coming next and visually anticipates it. “Mom, I had no idea acting with singing and dancing could be so hard!” Thankfully, he loves it and has a beautiful voice. The only real drama coming from him is because he’s playing young Ebenezer, they want him to sing in his high voice and that’s killing his studly mojo factor. (eye roll)

On the personal front, November is a drama month for me as it is. It sucks…can’t shake it really. Most years, I dive into the Christmas thing and it preoccupies my mind. This year, I’m up to my eyeballs in so much “stuff to do” that I can barely see past today.

Maybe some Christmas music will get me going? We’ll see…it’s definitely cold enough out there to feel like Christmas! Hmmm…what’s up on the Christmas hotlist this season…Justin Bieber…really? No. Not happening. Good kid but doesn’t yank my chain. Michael Buble isn’t too shabby but…Ahhhh…here we go…. John Denver and The Muppets. My soul is healed…


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  • Well. I have a 16 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. I have yet to reach the point in my parenting journey where boys are easier than girls. My daughter is soooooooooooooo easy compared to my son.

    Maybe that will help you feel better :-) Or not.

    • Well, hey Ms. Cheri-Beri! I tell you what…the good Lord was probably laughing his hind-end off with my “thoughts” of girls vs. boys. I definitely stand corrected. 😉

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