Honest changes

5 Dollar Abe

What the heck happened to 867-5309?!?!

Jenny is still on the block, but there are changes. Jenny is really just Jen. Jen has to be “on” 24/7 with her career so I’ve decided this is where I get to just be Jen…Honest Jen.

[I was actually playing off of “Honest John” when a dear friend so gently… or more like laughed so hard I’m sure some kind of beverage came out of her nose…explained that it was really “Honest Abe”. *eye-roll* whatever… ]

I’ve pretty much lost all readership which is actually much more relaxing to me. I like to be able to write without a purpose. No product reviews…no awards to win…no votes to get.  Just writing…like blogs used to be. {oh yeah, that.}

{Deep breath…}


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