Gremlin: 8 years or bust

Birthday Boy!Gremlin…not your real name, but boy do you fit it! Your real name actually means “Long Awaited Son”.

So why is it, it felt like years to bring you into our world yet it feels like minutes since we got you? How are you 8!? I was so proud of you when you ripped that car seat out of your spot yelling, “I’m officially not a baby!” I didn’t realize that was the official line to cross. 😉 Guess that means it’s time for me to loose that baby fat??

There were a lot of times I was proud of you over the past year.

  • Getting sent to the principal’s office for telling that little girl she was sexy – after a bunch of nasty boys called her a fat, ugly girl.
  • Feeling the need to step up and protect your big brother from hurtful kids. You have such a big heart.
  • Making Uncle Hulkman feel like he’s the best uncle in the whole world.
  • Taking care of the dogs consistently, every day, without fail. (Are you sure you don’t want to be a veteranarian?)
  • Sharing your snack with a friend every day during soccer practice even though you don’t get to eat regular food.

I love you dearly, son. I’m so, so thankful the good Lord chose us to be your parents.

Now hang up that wet towel! 😉

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