In Regards To Your Attitude

Disregarded boy“I wish my body would catch up to my mind.”

My silly 11-year-old still thinks that his only problem is that his beard hasn’t grown in yet. Last week he was jumping around the living room like a bloomin’ idiot because “I have a chin hair!!!!” After looking at it closely I chuckled and handed him his burly chin hair (aka: dog fuzz from earlier rompings).

We’ve had so many conversations about rights and responsibilities; privileges and grace. Testosterone is playing some wicked games in that boys head. Now if I could get Ms. Aspie and Mr. T’rone to get along, life would be so much grander for this mom.

One frustrating day we were having another pow-wow about why he was not being treated like an adult, and he blurted out…”I JUST FEEL SO DISREGARDED!”

to pay no attention to; leave out of consideration; ignore

You don’t have to understand Oldman’s trials to understand what he means.  We all have felt the sting of being disregarded. “You’re not good enough for this conversation, idea, place…” We have all experienced it and will again. As a child I would lash out in anger. As an adult, I would think about lashing out in anger. 😉

In reality, we have to know where we stand within ourselves to avoid getting caught in that vortex of mental anguish.  We have to be able to step back and say: “Is this a bad time?” “Is this person out to hurt me or are they hurting within themselves and lashing out?” And above all, “Do I really care?”  Sometimes I care and I have to evaluate if I need to work on something in my life, or I just need to show someone else grace.  It’s a game that requires a lot of steps and 2 left feet are always involved.

I know this conversation with Oldman isn’t over by a long shot. I will continue to impress on him where he is in life and how much more he has to look forward to. In the meantime, I do enjoy learning…again…my priorities.

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