Star Wars saved our Homeschool

No farting in schoolI’ve been homeschooling Oldman for over a month and I’m still alive! Or rather HE’S STILL ALIVE!!! 😉

It’s actually been quite an adventure. The only thing I have tried to enforce is that learning can be fun. I am no way an expert but I’ve researched this and have wonderful friends who have done this longer than me and are great sounding boards.

My son is 11 years old and his world revolves around Star Wars. He knows the name of every weird alien on every show they’ve had. It’s very weird, but I knew that integrating Star Wars into our homeschooling was going to be a win.

1. Name of School: For Oldman, he needs it structured enough to have a “tangible” school – verbally and physically. To keep the fun in all of this we brainstormed and came up with Yoda Academy. It’s way more fun learning to be a Jedi vs just a normal 5th grader.

2. Tests: The idea of a test is scary for Oldman…and if it’s timed? Don’t even go there! However, by simply changing the name to ‘Trials’ everything changed. He actually gets excited about trials so he can move closer to being a Padawan. 😉

3. Discipline: Just like in parenting, this needs to be fine-tuned for each kid. For Oldman, we go through a demerit system. But of course demerits are so anti-Star Wars, so our demerits are called Jabba Nuggets. If Oldman gets 3 Jabba Nuggets in a day, he has to write a 1 page essay on anything I ask of him. This is cruel and unusual punishment for Oldman since writing is so difficult for him. But telling him “Oldman, I asked you to stop playing with the dog and get that lesson finished up. That’s 1 Jabba Nugget.” he gets the idea, and I get back a smile vs. a whine. SCORE!

This works for us. I know that some people feel like this  shouldn’t be an option for a homeschooler, but he’s learning, he loves it, and his stress level has gone from 100+ down to 5.

That’s the way learning should be.

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