My perfect snow storm

Trees in Snow

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For the past few days I’ve been surrounded by snow and ice…like the rest of the US. It’s actually incredibly beautiful. It encompasses serenity and awe.

Sitting on my overstuffed leather couch
in front of our humongous picture window,
sipping on homemade chai
my husband beside me, rubbing my feet
How cute is perfectly groomed Shi-tzu sleeping next to me?
The fireplace crackling across the room
Why am I getting cold?
Why is perfectly groomed GiGi kicking me?
The space heater in the office is lame
The speed boat sound from the video game is loud
The whimper from my sick son breaks my heart
The dog farting and whimpering in her sleep is funny
My stuff green pepper dinner bombed
This…this is all mine
I won’t trade it for the best chai in the world.

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