iPad covers by Gussy

You know I love me some Gussy! Even though she’s WAY too cool for me now…never mind all that nonsense…to me she’s still that stinkin’ cute roomie from Minnesota; who has a thing for ruffles, perfect eyelashes (I stab you!) and knows how to strut some serious butt-sass. (It’s not nearly as weird as that sounds…promise.)

Where was I?

This past summer I called Gus up and chatted with her about how ugly my iPad cover was. The only covers I could find were boring ones or something that looked like a botched up quilt…scary!  Maggie worked her magic and came up with a beautiful cover for my iToy:

Gussy iPad cover 1

I love it.

Gussy ipad cover 4

Don’t you??

Gussy ipad cover 2Makes me forget about the 50 feet of snow outside.

Gussy ipad cover 3

What’s that? You only have a Kindle or Nook? HELLO!…it fits! *serious eyes*

Wanna drool? Check out her covers.

Feeling light-headed?


{Love, love 😉 Mush, Mush}

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