Day 27 – 31 Days of Social Media {Vulnerability}

I’m at Blissdom and had a wonderful opportunity to hear Brene Brown who was an incredibly inspiring person as well as funny as all get out! With a room full of mom’s who do it all, she was not only able to relate, but did a fabulous job of bringing us to our core.

Bottom-line: you can not be successful online without being fully vulnerable. People are going to be trolls…they are going to step on your toes…you are going to want to pull away.

Brene did her PhD paper on shame. What she learned through that was that people who refused to be vulnerable couldn’t truly grasp: love, joy, peace, etc… I loved how this tied into what I’ve been talking about all month.

It’s not easy…it’s not fun somedays, but in the end YOU are the one that wins. YOU are the one that is free.

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  • Brene Brown was wonderful. I adored how she shared so much and was so brutally honest with us, but yet was inspiring and not at all a downer. Putting ourselves out there and letting it go – allowing ourselves to care and connect really puts us out there, but it’s also what makes us happy in the end, right?

    And didn’t she change her PhD away from the shame after she discovered how much of a career dead end that was when her advisor heard what she was doing, or am I making that up?

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