Day 25 – 31 Days of Social Media {Humor}

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Scene: Wednesday, 5:00 pm.
4 loads of laundry on the couch,
3 sippy cups on the floor,
2 hungry kids, and 1 lost mind

Spouse walks in from work:

*snort* Honey! *gawfaw* I just saw the most hilarious bumper sticker ever! It said, “My wife is the reason why Waldo is hiding” …get it?!?! ROFL!!

<insert I-will-stab-you look>

Timing is everything when it comes to humor. Now if ‘the spouse’ would have told that joke at the end of the night…after putting the kids to bed, while the wife was taking a bubble bath…then he might have gotten a least a little courtesy chuckle. Ok, probably not, but maybe.

As virtual reality mimics life,  there will be times where people will attempt their lame humor on you and if the timing isn’t right…don’t respond.  I’ve seen a Facebook post go seriously wacko because of bad timing.

As important as timing is, there’s something even more important. Freedom. You have to experience freedom to truly embrace humor through the ups and downs of your day. Nothing is funny as long as you’re up to your ears in debt, family drama or online drama. I’m a firm believer that Jesus had a sense of humor. The people loved him and he was invited to all the coolest shin-digs… people won’t do that if you’re a bore (or a Pharisee!).  If you’re having a hard time finding humor lately, maybe you need to experience some freedom. I happen to know this real funny guy that helps in that department:

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
-I Peter 5:7


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