Day 22 – 31 Days of Social Media {Systems}

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I know…what the heck happened to Day 18 – Day 21?

“blah, blah, blah…paved with great intentions…”

Day 18 was my 39th birthday. I wasn’t planning on taking that day off but I enjoyed the break all the same. Then life happened. You know those days. Everything on your calendar gets bumped because of a sick child or a meeting that never ends or your boss drops the project from Hades on your lap.

I’ve seen so many bloggers come across those times in their life back to back then get frustrated that they can’t get to their blog. They question whether to close it because they can’t keep up.

Articles that scream, “If you don’t blog every day, you’ll lose your readership!” do not help the matter at all. I know that some of you have review obligations and you must have those posts written. I get that.  But if you don’t enjoy it anymore, why are you still doing it? Anytime you are doing something that bottlenecks with your family, organization or friends, it’s time to take a look at the systems you have in place.

Do what you do, with a purpose. Parents, you put your baby down for bed at 7:30 pm (or whenever) for a reason. If you don’t, s/he will be grouchy and insecure the next day. There’s a purpose behind why you do what you do.  That same idea needs to be implemented in everything else you do. When you have a system in place, you’ll find that things run so much smoother.

In all honesty, I feel like a heel for not posting during those days. I made a commitment to A Woman Inspired to do this entire 31 Days of Ministry Online and I dropped the ball. However, I know that the leaders of A Woman Inspired are wonderfully graceful and forgiving. I also know that my family needed me during those days and it was overall a good decision. What I won’t do is beat myself up and turn my back on the rest of something great and beautiful.

Please take some time and sit down with your spouse or close friend and take a look at your systems. Is there a place that could use some tweaking? I know for me, I need to take a hard, long look at how I handle getting groceries and dinner on the table. My previous system is not working and I need to come up with a better plan.  What changes could you make?


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  • Grace. For yourself.
    Allow yourself downtime. Often.
    Grace and love is from God. Enjoy His world and His love.

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