Day 15 – 31 Days of Social Media {Simplify}

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Everywhere you look online it’s all about bigger and better. Facebook apps that help you stand out above all the other Facebook profiles.  WordPress plugins that market your blog everywhere you can’t be at once. It goes on and on…

Even my other “self” will say this to her clients: You can wow the socks off of anyone you want, but if you have nothing to say, then it’s all worthless.

What happened to just communicating your heart…your passion? Let’s bring the hoopla down a bit. Do you remember why you started that blog? Was it really about rubbing elbows with the right bloggers? Or was it just to get your thoughts and ideas out of your head on to virtual paper?

What about Facebook? If you feel like you have to update your status morning, noon and night, you’ve probably lost sight of your original reason for starting it in the first place.

to make less complicated, clearer, or easier

I want to encourage you to clear up the clutter online. Let’s uncomplicate the issue. Write it down. Put it on a Post It note and stick it to your monitor. Tape it to your vanity…whatever you need to do to get Ms. Human “Drama” Nature out of the picture.




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  • Jenny, I have had some of the exact same thoughts you mention here lately.

    4 years ago, I began blogging personal thoughts and inspirational tidbits I had learned as a pastor – some were hard lessons. I was a terrible blogger in the sense that I never really understood how to network all that well. But then, I started getting some people who were able to find some solutions for what they were going through on my blog. Eventually, it sort of turned into a personal development blog.

    All fine and good, right? Well, for me, I began writing what I thought would make people happy. I recently came to have to look at myself and ask why I had started the blog in the first place. To make it as authentic and real is what attracted readers in the first place.

    The 31 days of simplified social media (i will see what this is all about) sounds interesting. Thanks for posting!

  • Very strong post!

    Your famous bro brought home an audio book(let) the other day by Stephen Covey, he of “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” fame. It was on creating a personal mission statement.

    In working on my own PMS 😀 , I realized that it’s basically rendering what can be a crazy, overloaded life down to its base metal and then looking closely at what that core of you is made of. You can lose it in the chaos that is the modern world. Too much of our time is spent trying to get things done and too little asking ourselves why we are doing them.

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