Day 11 – 31 Days of Social Media {Facebook}

Drawing a line in the sand
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It is amazing to me how loyal Facebook users are! There have been privacy issue after issue and yet Facebook continues to have record breaking performances. Oh, I get it…it sure is nice to be able to go to one place and share pictures and experiences and know that everyone you love (or might not even know at all) will be updated and be part of your life.

It’s a great concept and hello!…can you say addictive? Man, before a much needed intervention I was plowing the hey-hoo out of Farmville!

Hello, my name is Jen and I get up at 2am to harvest my blueberries.

“…Hello, Jen…”

Facebook, whether it’s used for company or personal use, needs boundaries and balance. I have a particular “friend” on Facebook, who I don’t even know (…and neither do you, so stop trying to figure out who it is. 😛 ) and just about every hour she updates her status with a Bible verse and mini-sermonette. I can tell she is a tender soul and wants to share her love of Jesus with others. However, there’s no balance. Scriptures can be very uplifting, but an overkill of Scripture can get scrolled over. Now, if she shared updates on her life and other passions, those Scriptures would mean so much more.

Then there are other friends who need to share their status updates with their very personal diary. TMI doesn’t even touch it…ACK! Dude…get a room or wake up! Boundaries are just ways to draw lines in the sand…”do not cross this line”. It’s always a good thing…use them.

With all the changes and frustrations with Facebook’s privacy settings, I encourage you to check your settings and make sure you are only sharing what you want with who you want. If you have questions about how to do certain things, check out Mashable’s Facebook Guide.


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