Day 7 – 31 Days of Social Media {Human Approach}

Tired Mom

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In real life (IRL), your days can very quickly turn into hours of The Twilight Zone. One moment your getting up and making your morning coffee and before you know it, autopilot takes over and you find yourself brushing your teeth to go to bed thinking…”Uhm…what happened to that to-do list and where did the day go?!” That autopilot is a kick in the pants. It’s great for the days when you just need to keep moving or you’ll fall over. But on those days when you need to focus, it steals the hours away.

Autopilot takes away the human factor. Even on social media platforms, where the point is to be social, Mr. Autopilot hits the ‘like’ button without giving thoughts. He also gets on Twitter (“because I have to”) and sends out a bunch of ReTweets, maybe throws out a few quotes, then calls it a day.

“There aren’t enough hours in the day!”

Oh boy…I get that! But we’re supposed to be REAL. So if you’re tired and don’t have an ounce of brain cells to form an update…say that! I bet you get an “Amen!” or two on that one.

I just want to encourage you, even though you may have days where you feel like Artificial Intelligence, you’re the real thing! (…and people want the real thing!)

*Now that the foundation of social media is set, we get to move on to the tangible juggling of social media…See you tomorrow!


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