Day 3 – 31 Days of Social Media {Share}

Sharing music, Roman style

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Did today get a little crazy? Ready for routine and it just hasn’t quite happened yet?

Focus…take a moment and focus on what we’ve already talked about. Remember that lovely thought? How can you share that thought? You don’t have to be Gandhi…just one thing.

A friend updates their status regarding financial issues. Instead of thinking, “Stand in line, dude!” Why not take 30 seconds and comment to them, “I’m sorry you’re having to go through this…I care and am thinking about you.”

You hop on Twitter and a guy mentions how his car broke down on the way to work, it was raining and he was late to a presentation. It’s easy to read it and think, “Bummer for you.” Don’t let it go. Hit ‘reply’ and give him some encouraging words.

A mother on Twitter is up to her eyeballs in sick kids, if she cleans up puke one.more.time…”I feel your pain…sick kiddos are so tiring and SO not rewarding. You’re doing a great job, Ms. Mom!!”

Don’ t look now…you’re sharing wonderful words of encouragement to people in less than 30 seconds. You just made someone’s day. Did it hurt? :-) It’s all so silly, simple…but sometimes we just need to get back to square one and relaunch.

It’s January 3rd and we’re already making progress…next we’ll tackle the bullies.


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