Food Allergy Challenges

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Before this year, our family was pretty – what I would call – average. Husband, wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs, in a 3 bedroom 2 bath house, living in the southern most part of the mid-west, with all four seasons. Then things got crazy…I was freaking out for a bit only to find out…THIS IS NORMAL! HA! 😀

One of these challenges have been food allergies in Gremlin. Almost to the day he turned 7, he started having odd symptoms. We had also signed him up for soccer and I think that really brought things to the forefront. His main symptoms was when he would sit down for dinner, he would immediately get cold, lips and fingertips turn blue, and he would get “buzzy” – lethargic; fading out on us. The doctors ran test after test and because he would have breathing problems with soccer they marked him down as having asthma.

Problem with this is:

  • He passed the asthma test fine (PFT).
  • His heart was fine.
  • The doctors never could figure out why his lips and fingertips turned blue.
  • It all centered around food.

Thankfully Gremlin’s doctor is a common-sense gal (LOVE HER!) and finally just said, “he could be having complications with food allergies. Instead of having him poked and prodded further, why don’t you keep a journal and see what might be causing this. Start with gluten.”


Six months later, we now know that for sure he’s allergic to anything with wheat, MSG, and red dye in it. He seems to have an issue with some sugars but we can’t seem to pinpoint what exactly is causing it. He can’t have plain sugar, but brown sugar is fine (which is only sugar with molasses added to it). Makes no sense…still researching that one.

The biggest challenge is finding creative meals and snacks. Pretty much anything easy and pre-made straight out of the grocery store is out. Thankfully Gremlin is very adventurous when it comes to trying new things. He’s a good sport.

From time to time I’ll add some gluten-free, MSG-free food that just really tickles my fancy. One site that has some great ideas for kiddos in this situation is Only Sometimes Clever – which, hello!, is so not true. 😉

So am I in the dark or have you guys ever had to deal with this on some level or another?

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  • Hey, thanks for the link!

    Allergies stink. We’re still in the throes of navigating the world of extreme allergies… It’s really hard to pinpoint what is what. We have had similar experiences with sugar: Sometimes, it seems like even HONEY bothers my 2yo, and other times, she seems to do OK. Actually, too much of ANY one thing bothers her, and I’m seriously considering doing a rotation diet.

    Right now, after a hellish two months, my daughter’s skin and digestion it has ever been in her life. During that time, she had a noticeably awful reaction to nutmeg and to carrots. But, in that same time, she has had rice (which she previously had a bad reaction to) and sugar (same). So, it does appear that at least SOME of her allergies are improving.

    Have you seen this page? Once you know about ONE allergen, you can look up to see what it’s related to, so you can avoid those, too. Likewise, if your son is doing really well with a food, you can know that others related to it are probably safe.

    Hope that helps!

    • Thanks so much for link and extra info…it definitely helps! I think I’ll try to do a rotation diet on the sugar side of things and see what that does.

      I appreciate your help!


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