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I’ve been hiding. Not literally…just virtually. A couple of weeks ago my Grandmother passed away. It was a good thing. She had a horribly painful year and it’s actually comforting to know she’s not in pain anymore. However, I suppose I’m not quite ready to blog about her. Not really sure why. But I do feel like if I don’t at least get this part written, I’ll never move on to other things I’d like to post about.

  • I’ve got 2 wonderful reviews I want to share.
  • I want to talk about what we’ve learned through Gremlin’s food allergies.
  • I’m pulling Oldman from 5th grade and homeschooling him…lots to talk about there.
  • I’m learning so much through this new business I bought…a lot of incredible things happening.

So here’s my Grandma bookmark…she’s worth so much more than a simple post.

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  • Sorry about your grandma. I felt the same way when my mom passed . . . I’ve blogged about her on and off the last year. It’s been healing.

    Homeschool? Wow! I’ve been doing it for 10 years and I think it’s the greatest thing ever :-)

    • 10 years?? Wow…I won’t lie, I’m a bit nervous, but with everything going on I KNOW I can do a better job at meeting his needs. (Breathe, Jenny, Breathe!)

  • It’s so cool that you are going to homeschool. Have you talked with Joanie about it? She could give you some pointers, I’m sure. She is doing a terrific job! Learning, growing and stretching ourselves will keep your mind sharp and your life less “stale” at least I have found that to be true. Blessings to you and family.

    • Sorry to hear about your Grandma too. I totally get the feeling of relief. When my dad passed away, I was happy that his suffering was over, but it still hurt. Anyways….glad to see you are up and going! Hope to hang out soon!

  • my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours as you go through this difficult time.

    On another note; what new business did you start? How is school going? I am unsure of how you manage it all but you are surely a role model for doing so! :)I hope you have a lovely holiday luv.

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