Fall in the Ozarks

Autumn Stream

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Oh my word, how I love this season in the Ozarks! The allergies stink, but I have no problem sitting on the deck with tissues shoved up my nose as long as I have a cup of Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon Spice in my hands, the trees in my yard turning beautiful shades of yellow and red, and the incredible orange sunsets on the horizon.

Last year we pretty much went from sweltering summer heat to freezing ice storms. I need transitions. I want to enjoy the changes of life as it moves through the year. This year we’ve made up for last. The day’s are perfectly in the 70s and it’s a bit nippy in the evenings. Can’t get any better than this!

With Gremlin not being able to do the typical Fall stuff, we’re coming up with new traditions for this season. It’s kind of exciting coming up with new ideas as a family. These boys have some wild imaginations! I’ll be sure to update as we go.  Tonight we’re making Monster Mouths with apples, peanut butter, and candy corn for teeth. Even Oldman digs this stuff. That’s a win for the parents! 😉

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  • although i don’t live in the ozarks or near them for that matter, i do get to drink dunkin donuts every morning and it is heavenly. i make it a point to stop there every morning on the way to the train:)
    hope you are well luv. How is school?

    • Hey Gina! School’s going well! I’m taking an extra load for this next term, but I keep telling myself…”it’s only 5 weeks…you can do this!” HA!

  • I love fall too, my dear, and am very thankful for the actual “transition” this year! Lol We have enjoyed it so much so far! How are your little guys doing? With bullies for the one and allergies for the other? Hope life is treating you well these days! I sure missed ya at Relevant!! Had to play footsies with someone else this time! :( Ha!

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