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I don’t know about you, but I always feel like, after a long hiatus on this blog, I have to have a “re-entry” post to kind of segue back into blog-life.

Gremlin was fed after midnight: After a very scary asthma attack, my youngest son’s doctor finally agreed that despite what the tests were saying, he does in fact have asthma and he has food induced allergies. For a 7-year-old I actually think he’s taking the food thing pretty good. He knows what eating the wrong thing can do to him and he doesn’t like how that feels so that helps. He’s just now showing some signs of frustration, because he has to stay away from pumpkins, corn mazes and hay. He can’t have regular candy so that puts a damper on trick-or-treating also. He’s such a little trooper though. He said he still wants to go trick-or-treating, but he’ll just pass his candy on to other kids afterwards. I could just pinch his little cheeks right off!

Oldman is swinging his cane: “I don’t know what happened this past summer, but everyone got so mean between 4th and 5th grade, Mom!” Oldman is having a bugger of a time in 5th grade this year. Riding the bus has been the worst, but he’s determined to stand his ground and continue to ride it anyway (even if it meant a couple of “tiffs” with a bully). The stories he comes home with about bullies just about sends me over the edge. I was watching a piece on 20/20 about bullies and this one professional mentioned a big problem is kids aren’t taught how to be kind anymore.  It sounds so basic, but it does makes so much sense. This mama-bear is having a hard time not wanting to strangle a few parents and school leaders.

Working 9 to 5: On October 1st, my company, GT Media Services, bought a locally established media/marketing company, Boundless Creative. I used to work there several years ago and am familiar with their mission. They concentrate mainly on mainstream media and I’m excited to be able to bring new media into the mix. It’s definitely kept me hopping and I love that!

Phew…glad I got that all up to speed. Now I can get back to writing like a normal blogger. 😉

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