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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

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I remember OldMan’s first day of 1st grade. He came home ready to tell me all about his day and I was ready to soak it up. My baby wasn’t a cute little Kindergartner…he was a big boy in 1st grade! He immediately blurted out, ‘Mom! I get to bring my library books home and I got the best one ever!” “Great buddy! What is it?”, I asked enthusiastically. My boy was checking things out of the library! He tore into his backpack with mucho gusto and pulled out…

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

…oh crap….

How the heck was I supposed to be all excited over a book like this. What kind of school would have this kind of cooky book in their EDUCATIONAL library?! What if my child grew up to be a wimpy kid???


He went on to read every single one of those books in that series and I grumbled through every. single. one of them. Of course he read other great books, but his favorites of all favorites were those stinkin’ Wimpy Kid books.

Then the movie came out. I had to admit, the previews were hilarious, but I refused to let him watch it.

Instead, I bought him the movie. *rolls eyes*

Now I can’t go a single day without singing, “It’s got a hair in it!”

For example:

Oldman: “This oatmeal is awesome, Mom. Thanks!”
Me: “It’s got a hair in it!”

And it’s always a load of fun to sneak behind something and jump out screaming, “CHEESE TOUCH!!!”*

My son is now in 5th grade so we chat in Wimpy Kid-ism all the time. Where he is in the Cool list vs. another kid we know. The girl that drives him crazy but he doesn’t know what to do with her. All the while he’s learning that he just needs to be himself instead of being the kid who seems to be the ‘it’ guy this week.

So all that to say, the movie actually had a good point in the end and I hope OldMan remembers that most of all.

*If you don’t understand any of this, go rent it now…it’ll make your stomach turn!

(This is all my personal POV and I got nothing for giving it…except a great time with my son.)

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