A moment of transparency

Reflecting on the change of seasons - NJ
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I have been a bit quiet on here lately. We, as a family, have been going through a lot.



My husband was laid off last week and I chose to leave with him (I worked there part time.). We actually handled it a lot better than the last time we found ourselves jobless. I failed whatever test was being put on me last time. I let the bitterness seep into the marrow of my bones and settle in like cancer. It has taken 2 1/2 to years to cut that crap out. I, in no way, want it back.

This place where were are at now is not like last time. I feel bad for the company more than ourselves. I had recently started a company, GT Media Services, as a side job/hobby and now I will make it a priority. I have some exciting things that are quickly lining up already.  That definitely helps the mental attitude! 😉

We don’t know what this transition means for J. It’s not exactly the best time to get laid off and try to recover quickly, but we’ll figure it out.

In the meanwhile our youngest is going through medical issues that has us perplexed and worried. Going through test after test to try to eliminate things is exhausting, expensive, and frustrating.  We’re hoping to have some answers soon before I go crazy. 😉

So please keep us in your prayers as we build up our foundation again.

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  • Thanks for sharing girl. I so appreciate your transparency and honesty. It’s really refreshing. I’m praying for you, J and for all the testing and questions that are ahead for your youngest. I don’t exactly know.. but this momma heart can sympathize. Be confident in knowing that your obedience to Him will return many blessings. I think He’s already started. Lobs ya.

  • Transitions in life…aahhh…always…fun? Not really, but ALWAYS necessary! The problem with transitions is: they seem to arrive when we are not prepared. I will be praying for you guys! And, for your son, I know the uncertainty of the situation makes it worse but will be praying for an answer soon. Hang in there!

  • Jenny, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I appreciate you sharing your situation with us. Keep us posted and know we care! Laurie from Scene of the Grime

  • you are in my thoughts and prayers. i have missed you so and appreciate that you are sharing some personal things with us. if we can do anything at all let us know. we are here for you!!!

  • Hey, Beautiful! I’ve wondered where you were lately! So sorry to hear about all this, but I know you will SOAR with that new business! :) Praying for your little man too, and hoping that you have answers soon too!! Miss you!!

  • Jenny girl, I don’t think I have ever visited your bloggy home, I am so very sorry for that. But…I am so glad that I am here RIGHT NOW. I will absolutely be praying for you my friend…everything you mentioned I have dealt with (everything) and I love when you said, “It has taken 2 1/2 to years to cut that crap out. I, in no way, want it back.”, amen girl. Good for you!!! I’m hanging on to His promises for you and your family during this transition time for you! xoxo, Mel’s World <3

  • I think that sharing these moments of transparency is important. I think that kind of honesty gives us strength. We’ve faced our own slew of challenges this past year and I often wonder why? WHY? I read an interesting quote the other day that said something like ‘God gives us our greatest challenges when he feels we are strong enough to grow.’ I’m trying to keep that in perspective…..because generally I feel our challenges come at our weakest moments. God bless as you transition into new and wonderful opportunities.

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