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I totally suck at being green. My life is going 0 to 90 most of the time so I don’t have time to re-invent the wheel at my house. I really rely on companies to make my life greener. However, I do like the idea of not shaving my legs…ever. 😉

That being said, I love coming up with quick-to-use ideas for things that I might not have on hand. It doesn’t seem to matter how organized I am, I swear I forget something from the store!  You’ve probably already heard these, but you know like:

  • No buttermilk – use milk and vinegar
  • No celery – throw in some celery seed
  • No toothpaste – use baking soda
  • Cleaning windows with newspaper instead of paper towels.

So, I gotta kick out of that Yahoo Shine article 12 alternative uses for coffee filters by Lori Bongiorno. A lot of them were pretty handy. Some, I probably wouldn’t try, but hey – I’m a firm believer in “…chewing up the meat and spitting out the bones.”

Do you use household products for something other than what it’s used for? I’d love some more ideas!

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    • No kidding?! Not that I have dust everywhere right now (ahem), but I’m going to have to try it. (Really missed you last night at the tweetup…hope to see you next time!

  • ooh i like some of the tips listed so far-like the used dryer sheets idea. I don’t think I have any ideas-I am a big sustainability person though and try to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever humanly possible. We get really busy but I really try hard to recycle and do whatever I can. I just think of all the garbage I throw out and how it is going to just sit somewhere else-and if I throw out garbage every week with every one else in the world, things will get really cluttered around here. Whereas if I recycle as much as I can, then at least that is one less person throwing everything out. I found that instead of having to pay for my trash company to pick up recyclables that my local grocery store has a huge single stream recycling area behind the store so I just take everything there-paper, batteries, bottles, cans, glass, styrofoam, cardboard, plastic bags, etc. and the beauty is that it doesn’t need to be separated. :)


  • @Jenny86753oh9 As for using household items in other ways, does that include using toothpaste for pimples? 😉

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