Rivka 1998-2010

Three years ago she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I thought the Vet was a nutcase…I just figured it was the rocks she was eating at the neighbors. But he was right. She was supposed to die in ’08 but she lived 3 years longer.  We had to adjust her food…help her up and down stairs…clean up when her bladder went out, but then edema kicked in.  I know what that means.

This weekend, with the help of a kind-hearted friend, we let Rivka go. It was an incredibly hard decision. When I put my English Springer down a few years back it was painful but was needful since she was losing her mind. With Rivka, she was mentally fine…that made it so much more harder.

We had been planting seeds of what was to come to the boys so they had already loved on her and cried.  Gremlin was mad, but he’s doing better. Oldman is sad, but will get through it. I’m a blubbering mess and J is trying to keep us all sane.

Surprisingly enough, it’s our Border Collie, Boomer who is having a horrible time with this. She won’t eat much, and whines in every spot where Rivka used to lay. I know she’ll get over it, but she viewed Rivka as a mother.

I believe Rivie’s in a better place and thankfully no longer in pain. Time will heal these wounds.

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  • I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing pets is like losing a limb. You realize how much you were used to just having them ever present once they are gone.
    I hope your other dog adjusts soon.

  • Maybe Rivka and my mom are having a great evening in heaven!!! Billy Graham has said that he believes animals and our pets will be in heaven. I sure hope so because I have the cutest pug ever waiting for me and getting spoiled by her grandma :-) Praying the pain will ease . . . . I know how hard it is!

    • I bet they’re having a great ol’ time!!! I’m a true believer that when I get to heaven Rivka will be there with my English Springer right beside her. 😀

  • i have been thinking of you so much. your family has been in my thoughts and my prayers.

    i know that soon we are going to have to put down our cat gizmo. it is actually dave’s cat that he has had for 14 years. Gizmo has been going to the bathroom all over the house and refuses to use his litter box for over a year now. We let him go outside now so he doesn’t go to the bathroom in the house but even that is not safe because he has no front claws. The vet wants thousand(s) of dollars to do tests, treatments, etc. on Gizmo and he and she (we have had several opinions) can’t guarantee that anything will fix it. They say Gizmo is senile and is just doing what he wants to do…He is not in pain. Neither Dave nor I want to put him down but how much is too much and at what point do we need to make the decision?

    I am so sorry about Rivka. As I have said before, your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Hey Gina…thank so much for the prayers. The questions you have about Gizmo is exactly what we’ve been going through for so long with Rivka. It’s such a hard decision to make, for sure. Praying you’ll find the right answer for you guys. {{HUGS}} Jen

  • @Jenny86753oh9 I’m sorry for your loss! That’s always a hard decision to make, and it’s hard to say goodbye. (((hugs)))

  • We had to let our family dog go this spring and our little chihuahua did take it really hard…he would sit at the window and whine, like he was waiting for her to come home. That was harder on the kids then anything! But, a few weeks later (giving lots of love and attention to the little doggie) he wasn’t depressed anymore. It is sad to lose a pet..(((hugs)))

  • I’m sorry for your loss. We have a 13 year old Golden and I know his time is coming. I fear for the hole that will surely be left and my heart goes out to you for the hole in your home right now.

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