Social Media vs. Parental Media

I’m coming off a long weekend of internet/social media fasting. I had one purpose in mind…remind my kids what I looked like. We had a lot of great talks and regrouped together.

This morning I come back on line only to find a lot of noise…especially on Twitter. Fast Company is conducting an influence project ultimate coolest kid in school contest. I still had many, many follower requests from people who used some stupid app to build their follower list so they can tell me all about making money online. And there’s always the bloggers who can’t seem to stop competing with one another.


Do you remember…?

Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten.

Well, I’m changing it around to…

Everything I need to know in Social Media I learned from my parents.

You cannot influence if you aren’t being who you really are. You cannot share your passion when you’re smothering it with someone else’s passion. Don’t forget that you’re supposed to SHARE your passion, not SELL your passion. Bottom-line: be true to who are…it’s rare and refreshing and people tend to flock to unique.

How are you using social media to share your passion?

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