Joy in the odds

Lately my head has been spinning with statistic verbiage; particularly “the probability of the odds”. You can imagine the sarcastic wit flying around in my head on that! I actually enjoy a good odd “thing”. It’s those things that makes the world go round. It causes you to smirk or stop and ponder.

God really has a hilarious sense of humor. I can always find odd things going on in nature. You can see I got some goofy stuff going on in my garden. That cuke has got some serious issues. And how stinkin’ cute is that hairy little watermelon-to-be?? I know that worms of any kind are not good for the garden, but I also know that cool looking caterpillars turn in to beautiful butterflies and they LOVE dill (eh, Jenn??)…so he stays!

And what’s up with that kid?? 😉 Oh he’s Gremlin. I put that picture in there because for his birthday “cake” he wanted Indian sweet balls (gulab jamun). I adore the fact that he doesn’t care to have the norm. Which is also why you see an Over the Hill candle…it’s the only one I could find. What a precious, odd little boy (and he’s mine!).

Part of Tuesdays Unwrapped

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