Have you seen my happy place?

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Please excuse this post. I need to be very vulnerable and transparent.

Life is not cooperating and what is building in my heart is clouding my view of my happy place.

I am going back to school to finish a degree I started 20 years ago…before switching to a CIS degree which doesn’t do anything for my creative side. It should take about 1 1/2 yrs to get my Professional Communications degree. It’s a cohort which means the classes are short and very fast paced. A lot of your work is done at home…they say it’s about 15-25 hours a week. That does not include class time. It is a Christian-based university so I have to take one Bible course. So this semester (5 weeks) is Old Testament and Statistic.

Apparently “everyone knows” you’re not supposed to take any other class while taking Stats. (Thank you Ms. Advisor for totally dropping the ball on that one!) I’ve been telling myself that I’m not just anyone and I can walk away unscathed and with a 4.0 to boot!

But there are a few monkey wrenches that are tumbling around in all this:

  • Working two jobs
  • Two kids at home
  • Mouths to feed
  • Clothes to wash
  • Children to love
  • Etc, etc, etc…do I really need to go on?

Today I’m in a fog…totally stressed. But I don’t get to be because it’s Gremlins birthday (7 years!) and the world MUST acknowledge this glorious occasion. I get this. I’m 38 and I think it should be a national holiday. 😉

I truly am a firm believer in finding the good and laughter in everything. So…

  • I should lose some weight in all this (Bonus!)
  • Anything that requires this much work ends up with a great pay off in the end.
  • I’m meeting some great people throughout all this and I’m grateful for that.
  • My husband has been a strong support beacon. It’s refreshing.
  • My kids will be going to all day summer camp starting Monday which will help immensely.

Ahhhhhh…the stress is already rolling off. Just need to get that written…it’s healing for the soul.

I will overcome
I will be victorious
I will be a Jedi and bend those stat numbers to my will!

Now…off to take my kiddo’s to the zoo so we can laugh and enjoy ourselves for just an hour or so. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend! Find time to laugh till your cheeks hurt…

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  • I also heard you have this awesome group of friends that would do ANYTHING for you at a moments notice. Actually there is one stipulation … you’ll probably have to ASK … they aren’t the best mind readers!

  • 4.0 is over-rated. What do you call a Dr. who graduated with straight C’s?

    Answer: Doctor

    At least that was my motto when I went back to finish my degree.

  • Jenny! This is fantastic news! YOu can do it and you will find time, strength, and determination to do it all. You will! YOu will! You will! And I am so proud of you for going back to school! It is so hard to do but good for you!!!


  • Hey! I read this a while back, and you have been on my mind since then. I hope you are able to catch your breath a little and start to feel ahead of the craziness:) You are doing an outstanding job with all that you have on your plate!! Remember to give yourself that credit and know that you have climbed such peaks in the past. And you will continue to climb higher ones, and the views just keep getting sweeter.

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