Teachers who bully

I have been working on this post for days. The first edit was nothing but a good old fashioned rant and rave. By the time I hit publish I’m sure I’ll be on my 10ish revision. I just needed to get mama bear out of the way; which is so very hard to do when you’re talking about the lack of trust you feel for your child’s care giver…whether they are a babysitter, daycare worker, or teacher.

If you know me even a little bit, you know that I am in awe of teachers. Being a teacher is so far off my radar of capabilities that I find myself a little intimidated around those that kick butt at it. But as in any industry, I have also found that there are those that became teachers when they probably should’ve gone in the trucking industry.

Since 3rd grade, Oldman has had incident after incident regarding a teacher (not his classroom teacher) that just doesn’t like him. Mr. Hateful doesn’t hide it. He doesn’t try to avoid my son. He doesn’t like him and makes it very clear. On the last day of school this year, he told Oldman “Get out of my face. I don’t ever want to see you again.” Oldman wasn’t in his face…Mr. Hateful walked across the playground to say that.


Last week, Gremlin came across a different teacher that is just like Mr. Hateful. I have pulled Gremlin from summer school.

I am a firm believer that if you are working with children and you are the adult, you should act like it. I know…super deep stuff here. Children, whether they show it immediately or not, are very affected by the words and actions of an adult.  Both of my boys are taught to respect their elders so when a teacher says words like that to them, they get upset enough that it effects their sleep, eating habits and personalities.

How can schools enforce a ‘No Tolerance’ policy when their teachers can’t even abide by it? They are teaching hate and bias behavior. Shame on them!

Unfortunately, some kids have enough problems with verbal abuse at home, they shouldn’t have to deal with it from their teachers. My children are lucky enough to have parents that will not tolerate this kind of behavior and stands up as an advocate for them. What about the kids that hear the same kind of crap from their parents or grandparents? Who is going to stand up for them?

It breaks my heart.


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    • I have…unfortunately we live in a small enough town that there’s politics that inevitably gets involved. The only answer I can come up with is to home school Oldman and we just can’t afford that yet.

  • Jen….OK….first….I will not wait for my blood to stop boiling before writing this comment. I am a teacher….I KNOW that there are those that thought when selecting a major, “Oooh summers off…then selected EDUCATION” All I can say is dumb asses! Summer off is to repair your heart, re-set your emotions for another taxing year of children who need you to be positive, to engage, to stand up for them, to love them and yes, I suppose to educate them. Rule One for a teacher: Consistency… as a teacher…you don’t get to have a bad day…you greet each child with a smile and a love that molds. Teachers are the water that turns a hard crusty sponge into something that can absorb. I have had the “hard students” when my humor and love washes over them…. they are ready to hear about verbs and nouns….until then…it is wasted time. I minor is adolescent psych….maybe that makes me different…I don’t know…but I want to rush in and hug oldman and tell him NOT ALL of us are like mr. hater! I love him! I want to be his teacher… please tell him that Mr. Hater is wrong…flat out…. he is wrong and some people live lives that they hate and because of their own choices they take it out on others. I am HOT about this! hugs and loves

  • AMEN Sista Ben! There’s no doubt that teachers, good and bad, have their hands full, beyond what most of us know, but they are what can make or break a kid.
    We wonder why school kids are bullying so much today and yet children are getting the same rejection and hassle from the adult teachers! Soft words, a smile and a little gentleness goes further ANYDAY with children than “put-downs”.

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