How does your garden grow

I haven’t mentioned anything about my garden in a few weeks. It’s not because it’s turned into a disaster. Actually it’s just the opposite… EVERYTHING IS GROWING LIKE CRAZY!! I’m embarrassed to say but I have to pull some things because they’re growing TOO well and it’s growing over other things (*cough*lemoncucumber*cough*).

Vegetable garden

Veggie garden: I’ve been using my lettuce for quite awhile…there’s something super fun about just stepping out your back door and picking food for your dinner. I’ve picked my first jalapeno and I’ve got green tomatoes all over the place. My green beans have flowers so I should start getting beans in about a week. It’s my cucumbers that are making me VERY nervous. I’ve got so many stinkin’ flowers! What am I going to do with this many cucumbers?? If you know of some great recipes…help!

Flower garden

Flower garden: Ahhhhh…this is my sanity. My flowers are doing so much better this year. I haven’t done anything different but they are a’plenty and beautifully bright! We have a robin’s nest in our front Japanese Redwood tree to boot. Can’t wait till the eggs hatch…

How are your gardens coming along? If you don’t have a garden…uhmmm…how’s your grass? 😉


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  • The garden is great! The flowers in the butterfly garden inspire me greatly! Thank God for gardens… I have some great talks out there with God. We found our first butterfly egg today too! Great day!

    • I think of you every time I walk out my front door…I’ve planted all my butterfly flowers just outside my door so I can see the butterflies going crazy every morning. I haven’t looked for eggs yet…

      • Hey chicka,

        Gotta plant host plants for the eggs. The mamas lay on the plants that their caterpillar kids will eat. Tell me what butterflies you have there…you prob. have black swallowtail right? That is parsley and carrots..dill or fennel. Love ya…we still gotta chat!

  • wow! that is amazing! (slightly jealous) but happy for you at the same time! If i try to grow anything I kill it…well it grows weeds and that is it!!
    bravo to you jennay!

  • I am LOVING the garden! okay can I say that again, I LOVE MY GARDEN! I spend about an hour a day out there. It pretty much takes care of it’s self, but I just stare at it forever! How are you caging your tomatoes? You must come over soon and see how this cattle panel is working!

  • WOW!! I am so impressed!! What beautiful gardens you have! This year I am trying my hand at ferns and flowers in the landscaping near my front door. Each year, I am too convinced that I will kill EVERYTHING, so I don’t even want to spend the money. But this year, I went for it! So happy I did, too. All ferns are thriving, with the exception of one and my flowers look pretty. Although we are on a military base, it’s fun to jazz up our own little piece of it.

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