French Butter Dish

You’ve got several guest over for a dinner and you’re excited because so far everything is turning out great. You even tried your hand at homemade yeast rolls. The house smells incredible and the guests are eyeballing them and drooling like a dog over a bone. You see one guy grab a roll with one hand and the butter dish with the other. After putting the roll on his plate, his gets his knife and is ready to tackle the butter.  But wait…the butter is so cold from the fridge it’s harder than a brick-bat! He actually DOES have to tackle the butter. The evening is not lost, but you make a mental note to yourself to get online and find out how to keep butter soft without it going rancid.

Here’s your answer…

French Butter Dish

French Butter Dish

French Butter Dish


This is called a French Butter Dish. It does not go in the fridge…it stays on your counter or table. The concept is a bit old-fashioned, but it’s amazing how it works. They come in a variety of sizes but for mine, I fill the container about 1/4 full of water…put a stick of butter in the well. When the lid is on the container, the water creates a seal so oxygen doesn’t get to the butter. Oxygen is what makes the butter rancid. When you need butter for the table, just take off the lid and serve it upside and the butter is ready for those beautiful yeast rolls you made! 😉Works for Me Wednesday

I have yet to see them in a store around here, but you can get them online very easily.

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