Sunday Confessions – What a Nimrod

The other day Oldman and I were talking about what was appropriate to call someone who was an idiot. I was explaining it was best to just not call people anything, but considering I call people ‘Buttlickers’ when they’re idiots I have no room to talk. (NO…not in front of the boys!) He told me that a girl in his class calls boys Nimrods. I snickered and said, ‘You know there’s a guy in the Bible with that name.” He reacted the same way I did when I first found out – hysterically shocked!

“Cush had Nimrod, the first great hero on earth.”

-I Chronicles 1:10, The Message


Hmmm…kind of explains a lot, ya know? We started out with a Nimrod and a lot of today’s hero’s are STILL Nimrods.

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