The beauty of rain

Gremlin, my 6 year old, is still at that age that he likes to cuddle with me and reflect on things we see or maybe something we’ve done together. However Oldman, my 10 year old,is ‘much too old for that silliness’. So when he takes the time to sit with me and ponder life I stop whatever I’m doing and enjoy it. We have this small statue on our back deck. Oldman has always adored it because the boy-statue is sitting cross-legged with a jar of fireflies in his lap. It’s powered by a solar panel so when evening comes the firefly lights go crazy.

Since it was raining we knew we weren’t going to get a chance to see the fireflies work their magic, but he did ask, “Mom…Do you think God created us to have two purposes?”


“I sure do. Your purpose for Gremlin is to be a helping big brother, and for me your purpose is just to be my son that learns from me. Your purpose in this life will change often, but I believe you’ll know what those purposes are when the time is right.”

He thought about that for a minute then said, “Yeah, I see what you mean. Take that statue for example. I always thought it’s entire job was to be the boy who held the fireflies in the jar. But because of the rain, I see that he’s much more beautiful just as a boy sitting in the rain, admiring his jar full of fireflies. Know what I mean in that difference?”

…yes, baby, I do…

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