My Piece of Earth

“Might I have a bit o’ earth?”

I finally got some more veggies popping up in my garden so here are my first shots of the season:

Boomer’s guarding it from any critters that might try to sneak into her garden.

Oldman is trying to pick an unripe strawberry. Sic ’em Boomer!

Uhm…ok, Boomer, licking doesn’t count!

Meanwhile, Gremlin is claiming this as “his” garden…he is my hard worker.

You can see my cucumbers, jalapenos, tip of tomato plants, green beans, and hidden behind the cucumbers is lettuce.

C’mon Onions! Reach for the sky!

I’m anxious for the rest of the veggies to come up so  I can stare at them too. 😉

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