Fashion Don’ts from the 1980s

With the 1980’s styles coming back, I want to help all you Milliniumismists or Gen Zers or whatever you’re called.

Top 10 fashion DON’TS of the 80s:

1. Men’s mesh T-shirts – Cover up those nipolas!!
2. Short, tight lycra mini skirts – they put Pretty Woman’s hookers to shame!
3. Shoulder pads – wearing anything that makes your head the size of a pea is wrong.
4. Jelly shoes – dude, they melt on asphalt…not pretty.
5. Leotards with halter tops – save ’em for the gym, ladies.
6. Michael Jackson’s *jazzyhand* glove – dude…you aren’t Michael.
7. Tube bikini top with ruffle – I don’t care how endowed you are, no one looks flattering in just a tube!
8. Jerry Curl – *shudder*
9. High wasted, baggy pants that tapered at the ankle – mom jeans before we were moms.
10. Super long earrings that never matched; often with 2-3 in each hole – OUCH!

So however will you be cool with this trend coming back?!?!  Next Tuesday I’ll help you out with the Fasion DO’S of the 80s.

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  • Oops! I might have worn a few (okay, most) of these the first time around :-) Even funnier? I might have photos to prove it. Looking forward to the fashion dos from the 80s.

  • I can’t believe all the styles from the 80’s that are back in fashion.

    How about no neon colors. I remember BRIGHT neon pink and green (different pairs) shorts I had. They weren’t even cotton but some kind of synthetic fabric.

    I’m also anti-tie-dye.

    Hubby and I have been watching the show Millennium on DVD. I have to say those 90’s styles we thought were all that…oh my were the awful.

    • Oh I was a total neon nut! My favorite look was lime green nail polish with my lime green and electric blue eyeshadow. I was, like, so hawt! *snicker*

  • Cereal milk is dripping from my nose now! JenGi, you did it again! But I always thought the tube top looked best on gals less endowed (grass is always greener, sigh). I could never even get the dang thing to stretch from top to bottom, so it looked more like inner-tube top on me (I never wore in public, just kept trying hoping for a different fit next time). Now halter and spandex leggings: I just me some in every color for my college/JenGi visiting. Are you saying this isn’t a popular tornado-alley, Ozark Mountain look now?

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